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About Me


I started this blog out of a combination of quarantine boredom and a desire to share my experiences and limited wisdom that I have accumulated so far in life. Briefly, I am a Fall 2020 Stanford transfer student and I plan on studying Computer Science with a focus on either Artifical Intelligence or CS theory. I have been on a gap year (a supremely unexciting one; thanks corona…) since Fall 2019 when I decided to leave West Point after two and a butt West Point slang for anything more than two but less than 3. In my case 2 years and 2 months. years as a cadet.

I spent my gap year working as a private tutor with kids ranging from 3rd grade to high school. In short, I have a passion for learning and the importance of education, but tutoring is exhausting and is decidedly NOT my lifetime calling. That said, I learned a lot from my students and enjoyed seeing them learn and grow. Seeing how much effort it took for me to help some of my students made me keenly aware of the shortage of personalized learning assistance. I hope to someday combine my interest in computer science and AI with my desire to help improve the educational experiences of all students.

I haven't quite decided what direction to take this blog but I would like it to be a resource for high school students, service academy members deciding to leave/stay, and students facing the transfer admissions process. I'd also like to use it to share my experiences as I enter Stanford as a new student and work toward my further educational and career goals.

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E-mail: laurabauman12 [at] gmail [dot] com

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About the Website

This website is hosted through github pages and uses the theme "Simply-Jekyll" designed by Raghuveer S. I've never been a fan of front-end design, so, after playing around with the idea of making my own website from scratch, I decided it wasn't worth the effort. All credit goes to Raghuveer for the clean graphics and most of the functionality. The theme repo is located at: raghuveerdotnet/simply-jekyll