West Point cadet --> Stanford undergrad transfer student


About Me


I started this blog in Summer 2020 out of a combination of quarantine boredom and a desire to share my experience with transferring out of West Point (because people don't really talk about it, but it is a really complicated decision). I am now in my second year at Stanford and am planning on completing my B.S. in June 2022. I will be continuing at Stanford for another 1-2 years after to complete my M.S. in Computer Science with an emphasis on Computer and Network Security.

Contact me

E-mail: laurabauman12 [at] gmail [dot] com


About the Website

This website is hosted through github pages and uses the theme "Simply-Jekyll" designed by Raghuveer S. I've never been a fan of front-end design, so, after playing around with the idea of making my own website from scratch, I decided it wasn't worth the effort. All credit goes to Raghuveer for the clean graphics and most of the functionality. The theme repo is located at: raghuveerdotnet/simply-jekyll